Niceville PM Meeting Notes




This was the fourth meeting of the NPM. Tom Browder and Jesus Fuentes met at the Niceville Library at 5:00 PM to start a series of sessions to get acquainted with Perl 6.

The next session will probably be in early May. It will be announced on this site.

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This was the third meeting of the NPM. I (Tom) was the only regular member attending, but I had the pleasure of having a guest: Rachel Reese from the new, local media outlet Panhandle Focus.

Rachel was here to interview me for the next issue of the Panhandle Focus. It was a surpringly pleasant experience as she has a modest background of programming from her college days, and she is very experienced at interviewing reluctant subjects. I hope her upcoming article on the group attracts some interested members. Thanks, Rachel!

Later, as Rachel coordinated part of her article draft with me, I mentioned I would be offering a free course for interested folks. I haven't firmed up details yet but am considering:

  • course name: "Introduction to Computer Programming with Perl 6"

  • the course may come under the auspices of the Niceville Library if I can get their cooperation

  • tentative course outline:

    • logistics: Perl 6 installation, Perl IDE installation, etc.
    • follow an existing existing on-line tutorial for Perl 6 with weekly classroom sessions for help and worked examples

  • the classroom sessions may sometimes have to be at the Niceville Library or other venues due to limited availability ofr free classroom space

Interested parties please contact Tom Browder via e-mail (

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This was the second meeting of the NPM. Tom was the only one attending.

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This was the first meeting of the NPM. Tom was the only one attending, so he took the opportunity to scrub the webcast choice for the next meeting.

Unfortunately, the Bay Beacon did not put the meeting announcement in the paper, so that may be one reason no one else came.

But we will persevere for a while and try to do more marketing.

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